People wanted to do an "ART ZINE", so basically, no restrictions*...

Requirement - bring in 125 (One Hundred Twenty Five) copies or originals per 8 1/2 X 11 inch (Eight and Half by Eleven inches, "Letter" size) page you would like to submit, done and ready for Binding.

Deadline - Pages must be physically present at the February BAILA Meeting, by 1/2 (one half) Hour after the start of the Meeting.


Guidelines for Submission

  • Format - 8 1/2 X 11 Inches
  • Binding - Left Edge Staple 1/3 inch in (see suggested layout below)
  • Number - 125 sheets per page of the magazine you would like to submit
  • Deadline - Pages must be physically present at the February BAILA Meeting, by 1/2 (one half) Hour after the start of the Meeting.

This is the SUGGESTED Layout, if you need to lay out art on the page. We will be stapeling the Left Edge, 1/3 of an inch in.

We will be stapeling in the middle of the RED area...
Be aware that the RED margin is stapled together to bind the Zine...



I know this may sound crazy, but a few rules over things I have seen before in the ZINE art world.

  • 1- No Blood (menstrual or otherwise), Feces or other bodily fluids (Human or Animal).
  • 2- The work must be permanently adhered to the pages (Assemblage must stay on, materials must be durable enough to withstand the normal use of a magazine, i.e. no egg shells, etc).
  • 3- The pages must be dry at time of assembly (not sticky or tacky).
  • 4- Nothing that is biodegradable should be used (no road kill, etc...)
  • 5- Please consider the thinness of your page, pages that are excessively thick will not be included (i.e. don't glue toy army men to your page, etc...)
  • 6- Nothing Hanging Off Of or Over The Edge Of The Page (like Tassels or Tags...)
  • 7- Nothing flammable, or an aggressive accelerant(i.e. no matchbooks, etc...)

Two Examples of Work that
Violate the Guidelines

Egg Shells Attached to page with Egg Yoke

Computer Keys Attached to the page with Glue

Violates rules 1, 2 and 4

Violates rules 5 and 6

Parris Patton
You Are, I Am - Editon 101, p5
You Are Beautiful Foundation

Nicole S.
You Are, I Am - Editon 101, p25
You Are Beautiful Foundation

These are in a single edition hard bound
art book, not a zine...



  • What Size Is The Final Book? 8 1/2 X 11 inches.
  • Do My Pages Have to be Done by the Deadline? Yes they must be ready to be bound when you bring them to the meeting.
  • When is the Deadline? The February BAILA meeting.
  • Can I have more than 1 page? Yes, just bring 125 sheets of, for each "Page" you want to have...
  • What kind of Paper can I use? Painted, drawn, printed, photocopied, etc... Pages can be on regular paper (or any other kind - see thickness restrictions). We request that DVD, CD, and Postcard attached pages use Card Stock for durability. (See Examples)
  • "BUT, I'M NOT AN ARTIST?"... I guess that makes it easy, 125 copies of your resume, or an advertisement for your business, or just old sheets of paper laying around the house... Thankfully, you don't feel bound by your creative muse to stress and suffer over this project.
  • What am I supposed to do? Hand in "125 sheets of 8 1/2 X 11 Paper".
  • Can I use both sides of the page? There is no requirement to use either side of the page, but if using one or both sides of the page is your artistic vision, feel free to follow your muse...
  • Just What are we doing with my 125 sheets of paper? We are making 125 copies of the Zine. We take 1 of your pages and stack it with one of each page brought by other people, We staple it together... Repeat 124 more times...



I Have Fliers Already...

So do I... See, as long as I'm willing to staple on my characters face, I have a page ready right now...

For Postcards, Business Cards, DVD's and CDs
You need to use CARD STOCK to do these 2 suggestions.

Use Old Postcards and Business Cards to make a page.

A sheet of card stock, old promotional materials, a stapler & a ink stamp make a great Two Sided ZINE page...

I attached mine so you can read both sides of the card, and easily remove it with a staple puller.

because you're going to Staple Postcards, (Business Cards, etc...) to it, so it will need to be durable, especially if you want people to view both sides of the card without ripping the page it is attached to.

DVD / CD packaging

DVD or CD can be packaged as such, on card stock...



Will WRITE WITH PASSION, and then set the margins correctly on MS Word, will choose the largest readable font that fits all her words on the page and looks nice, and will hit “Print” once, take it to the cheapest copier store and get copies.

Will probably do the same as the writer, but will drop in a picture (they have rights to reproduce) that the text nicely wraps around. They may decide to eat the cost of printing it themselves on their home printer, and know it looks right as he prints (and can be in color). This will cost a million dollars in ink, so maybe they choose the Half Tone function in Word, print once n Black and White, go to the copy store, MAKE A TEST PRINT OFF THEIR MASTER, and if it looks good, have them run the 125 copies.

Who Make LINE ART (example below)

that is made in true BLACK and WHITE (no gray) (Note the Half Tone Screen in the dark inside of the dress), go to the cheapest place possible and print an old school Xerox.

I suggest you use the PROFESSIONAL OPTION (below), here are the "PhotoCopy" options.

  • 1 - May take some of their finest B&W photographs, decide to pony up the 12 cents per copy for a digital copy at KINKOS, brings a PDF on a Flash drive of them laid out nicely as continuous tone images (GRAYS), and print them out. They see how nice it looks (and it comes out good), and decides to run the other side of their page in color.
  • 2 - May the same layout thing for Color Pictures, bringing them in on a Thumb drive as a PDF, and for 59 cents a pop, he prints the other side in color. Basically for 75 cents a sheet of paper, he has 2 nice pages, one in continuous tone B&W and the other in continuous tone color.
  • 1 & 1 - Two B & W sides - Do the 2 at the same time and gets a discount by having them run it from behind the counter. At $35, for the 125 copies, it has a spiffy presentation, made up to the day of the deadline.
  • 1 & 2 - Color Side and B & W side - Do the 2 at the same time and gets a discount by having them run it from behind the counter. At $90, for the 125 copies, it has a spiffy presentation, made up to the day of the deadline.
  • 2 & 2 - For Twice the cost ($150+) of the Professional Option (below), they could make both sides in color, and Get Half As Many Copies, but can get it done at Kinkos, the day before we bind the Zine.
  • 3 - The stingy cheap artist, will make a HALF TONE SCREEN at home in Photoshop of “Photographs” or continuous tone images in B&W, print it out and take it to a cheap place for cheap copies.

Printing with Proof and revision takes 15 days, so get to it!
The Artists will have high resolution photographs of their work that they will lay out nicely in Photoshop at 300 DPI on an 8 1/2 X 11 Page. They get 2 full color pages of this content of their material together, and upload it to GOT PRINT - and for less than $90, have 250 beautiful full color double sided shiny printing on heavy stock! You can pay to have it delivered to the meeting, and not even show up, or pick up your order in Burbank for Free. And you have 125 left over to wrap X-mas presents with (or use as promotional material)...



Yes, 125 copies of all the stuff in your purse, dumped out on the photocopier is fine...
(I am serious)... (This should be a 100 page Coffee Table Book)...

Go to the post office, grab some tax forms for FREE.
Go to a place where there is waste paint, and get some, for FREE.
Please finish your pieces within about 3 weeks, so they will be dry, and not "Tacky or Sticky" at time of submission, as per the submission guidelines.
CURATOR NOTES - We will be binding the "Clean Cut Outside Edge" as you remove your "Canvas" from the Tax Booklet, unless the other edge is clean cut. Please also refer to the Guidelines as far as thickness, as your style tends have really thick paint. Beware, it also might break if the paint is so thick as not to be flexible, as this is a paper book.
Thanks again, and remember, these are just suggestions from having had books with pages of thick paint, have the paint break at binding... But as thick as you think you can get away with... You may want to take this time before we "Officially Start" to do some tests... Thanks again, Steven

If I were David E. Stone, I would go to the white bread photocopy shop in Whittier, and get 125 discards out of the trash bin. I would then go to the copy shop in Watts and do the same.
I would staple one white bread photocopy throwaway to one ghetto photocopy throwaway, and that would be my submission.
He is one of my favorite conceptual artists, and this is how he works. And the discussion of the juxtaposition of the discarded information by the 2 cultures is a great "Conceptual" discussion, Voila ART...

SLAVERY, ColorInAble® Style
If you want, I'll give you something to hand in, and you only have to Color It In 125 times!!! I assure you, this isn't fun...


I'll leave it at that for now, this is still WIP... Mon., Jan 26, 2015

©2015 Steven J. Brooks®