The goal in 5 years is to have every computer, smartphone, dumb terminal, and every other digital device worldwide running our Filtering Bully software and / or Online Portal for content control.

This software is being designed to enhance the users digital media experience by controlling disharmonious content. Our Online Portal to State Approved content is already up and running, you may test it here, and our upcoming client side software will also emulate this portal in it's attempts to filter out harmful content.

You will be able to test the Beta of our client side applications software shortly, please check back here at Damn Reds Adult Escort for more info.

We are also developing an I-Phone / Android Recovery Application, and it will be available shortly. Designed in conjunction with the cutting edge minds at our Internet Addiction Rehabilitation Facility Camp for Internet Reeducation, we are developing what we are confident will be the worlds best I-Phone, Android, and Windows Mobile recovery app.

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