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ADULT ESCORT's "Everyone 21+" Rating was developed by the private enterprise We put forth this rating as a proposed standard for online activity, computer use, video games and other digital content of any kind, Worldwide.'s "Everyone 21+" (Everyone - Twenty One Plus) has been established in 2009 and has rated one title, with more pending as they are submitted by content creators.

The reason the "Everyone 21+" Rating was founded was due to mature content, as well as other controversial portrayal of overly violent or intense sexual situations in digital media.

The's "Everyone 21+" Rating applies to digital content, similar to the motion picture rating systems used in many countries. The aim is to aid consumers in determining a digital content's suitability. A's "Everyone 21+" Rating is displayed on digital media's box, in advertisements and on Website(s).

This rating system is strictly voluntary, however nearly all theatrical content, video games, images, text and sounds that are digitized, and other content submitted, seem to be suitable for anyone who is over 21 years old.