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Sarah Palin Vice Presidential Beauty Pageant Sashes

Sarah Palin's experience as a Miss Alaska beauty pageant contestant is what got her the Vice Presidential nomination, it's clear and simple.

After 8 years of Bush, with McCain planning for 4 more of pretty much the same, it's quite understandable that he'd pick Miss Congeniality for his running mate. It's those skills that she will need to repair international relations damaged or destroyed by the present administration. And within a year, she'll have that foreign policy experience she currently lacks, by humbling herself begging forgiveness from foreign leaders for the last Republican Administrations sins.

Hillary Clinton's run for the Presidency finally put "Women's Work" on the table as legitimate experience to be considered for the position of President. Her role as First Lady has given her many years of experience with the role of Presidency. It also provided her with many contacts and long standing relationships, both nationally and internationally, with leaders of peoples, from cities, to states, to corporations, and to nations.

And the cry from many, and legitimately so, that Sarah Palin's experience in women's work and roles gives her experience to be President. If you ever said "The President has no idea what it's like to live in America!" or any thing remotely similar about how the President is out of touch with the common wo/man, well, you have nothing to complain about, for the most part, she's Hockey Mom.

So, let's look at her Miss Alaska experience.

She got to Miss Alaska by being Miss Wasilla in 1984.

While she did win Miss Congeniality.

She didn't win Miss Alaska, she came in third.
She also won a college scholarship...

She went to college, a four different ones in fact. Understandable since she was interested in journalism, and there wasn't much opportunity to study her major in Alaska (though she did do some studies there).

She graduated from the University of Idaho with a Bachelors of Science in Communications - Journalism
And this degree has served her well in the rest of her life.
First, she was a sport reporter for KTUU TV in Anchorage. That's directly from her degree.

Both her general college education and her journalistic skills have helped her in politics, first as a City Councilor, and then as Mayor of Wasilla. And those skills (and to some extent journalistic ethics) are ones she has brought to her tenure as Alaskan Governor.

Her journalistic ethic is one of the reasons she's considered a
Pitbull in Lipstick.

And it in part comes from her education, her college experience. An experience she was afforded in part by her scholarship she won as Second Runner Up and Miss Congeniality in the Miss Alaska pageant.

She may be on the Republican ticket because she's congenial, but she got there because she is intelligent and more importantly, well educated.

Knowing that, I have one question for potentially the next Vice President of the United States.

How are you, as Vice President, going to afford the bright American youth of our next generation the same educational opportunities you were afforded by winning a scholarship in the Miss Alaska Pageant?

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