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UNIQUE WORKS Photography 3-D Character Statement

Artist Statement Steven J Brooks

Steven J. Brooks (ColorInAble®), is a Web Developer, CGI & VFX Artist, & Etc...
I'm a Recovering Cartoonist (Cartoonists NEVER Recover)...
A Rehabilitated VFX Artist, on the Web Development Train once Again...

If any piece of my work wasn't being driven by the characters, it must have been really important!
I shouldn't waste time on projects that don't further the characters and their storyline or their lives, when I do, I'm just wasting effort and resources!
If it's not them in the piece, then 'Why did I even bother doing that?'
And, if it is that Rowdy Mob of "Hot Chicks" you're seeing in my work, remember, they're ColorInAble®!

Steven J Brooks - ETC...:

BFA & AAS from RIT in Photography, concentration in, Film & Video

Boston Comic News #7 (Editorial Humor), Best of Boston Cartoonist, March 1989
Hometown Video Award, Most Innovative Programming, 1992
Don’t Shoot, It's Only Comics, Cartoonist
Cannibal Flower Artist
DTLA, Artist
BAILA Artist
The Citizen L.A., Featured Artist, November 2008
Be The Light Artist
Watts Towers Artist

2D & 3D VFX Movie & TV Credits Include:
Clash Of the Titian’s
Jackass 3D
The Last Samurai
Drew Carey Green Screen Show
Vampire Diaries
Shrek Trilogy

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UNIQUE WORKS Photography 3-D Character Statement